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  • Most old articles (previous to this site having been constructed) have been loaded on the website and therefore can be found by browsing through the archives or utilizing the search function on the homepage with key words or subjects.  It is advised to start with the search function on the homepage if you are looking for a specific article or perspective on a particular topic.  However, there may be a few articles that can only be found by linking to the original site in which it was published.  Links to these articles (arranged by subject) are included below.
Moving Beyond the Fear of Fear (December, 2013)
Anxiety and Youth (August, 2012)
Conversations About Death…in Pursuit of Life (February, 2014)
Why Oh Why? (October, 2012)
Behavior Change
Resolving to Make This Year Mean More (January, 2014)
Say What? Understanding That What We Say-and How We Say It-Changes Lives (September, 2015)
 We Are What We Eat (Entire series) (April, 2013)
1. Part I: We Are What We Eat – Where Have We Come From?
2. Part II: We Are What We Eat – Sifting Through the Ingredients for Change
3. Part III: We Are What We Eat – Beneath the Icing
Exercise Potential (February, 2016)
Faith/Religion and Psychology
The Double Helix of Faith and Family
Turning Faith and Works Inside Out: A Psychologist’s Perspective (March, 2015)
The Insidious Role of Pride in our Own Psychological Downfall (March, 2015)
Financial Stress: Auditing Our Money Woes (March, 2015)
General Mental Health Issues
Addressing the Mental Health Crisis: What Really Matters (April, 2015)
Turning Distress into Joy (Entire series) (October, 2014)
1. Part I: Forgiveness
2. Part II: Channeling
3. Part III: Helping Others
4. Part IV: Gratitude
5. Part V: Meaning & Transcendence
Art of Persistence (January 2016)
Holistic Living
Want to Be Drug Free? It’s Time to Live More Simply (July, 2015)
Embracing 4 Dimensions of Being (December, 2014)
Hundred Miles of Gratitude (June, 2014)
What Our Emotions Are Telling Us (June, 2013)
In Letting Out the Spirit Within (February, 2013)
More Bad News About Smartphones:  When Will We Heed the Warnings? (November 2017)
The Rocky Marriage of Youth, Devices, and Schools:
1. Part I: Banning Computers in the Classroom? Devices in Schools (September, 2016)
2. Part II: An App Full of Reasons Why the Mobile Device-Youth Experiment is Failing (September, 2016)
Left to Their Own Devices (April, 2016)
How Following the Trail of “Cutting Edge” and “Convenient” Can Distort Reality (October, 2015)
How The “Almighty Norm” Can Dilute Advice We Receive (October, 2015)
Do You Know What Is Coming into Your Youth’s Phone? (August, 2015)
Why 1:1 Is Not the Answer: Taking a Closer Look at Technology in the Schools (August, 2015)
A New Vision of Technology and Our Youth (August, 2015)
High-Tech CEO’s – Low-Tech Parents: Are We Getting the Message? (November, 2014)
Dear Friends and Family: My Apologies for Being in the Technological Dark Ages, But…
The Day the Silence Died (November, 2014)
Thinking Through the Immersion Dilemma: What if My Teen’s Life is Governed by Media & Technology (November, 2014)
What Autism Teaches Us About Relationships – What Technology Does Not (September 2013)
Linked In: Assessing Trends Regarding Youth’s Consumption
of Technology (Entire series) (January, 2013)
1. Part I: Linked In – A Day in the Life of Our Youth
2. Part II: Linked In – How Did We Get Here?
3. Part III: Linked In – Benefits and Risks
4. Part IV: Linked In – Consideration of the Public Good
5. Part V: Linked In – Practical Ideas
Anxiety and Technology (August, 2012)
Now: Opportunity of a Lifetime (November, 2015)
Obsessive Thoughts
Extremes of the Mind: Addressing Perfectionistic and Intrusive Thoughts
1. Part I: The Pursuit of Perfection (October, 2016)
2. Part II: Just Don’t Think About It (October, 2016) 
Parenting Issues
Simple Joy of a Simple Joy (January, 2017)
Someday When You’re An Adult (December, 2015)
The Namby Pamby Effect: Are Our Kids Growing Up Soft and Confused? (June, 2015)
Rethinking What We Say To Our Kids:
1. “I Just Want You to Be Happy”: No, We Want Much, Much More for You (May, 2015
2. “It’s What’s On the Inside That Counts”: Actually, It’s Being Whole That Matters (May, 2015)
3. “Always Believe in Yourself No Matter What Anyone Says”: On Second Thought, Know When to Heed Advice & When to Go Alone (May, 2015)
Paradox of Praise (August, 2014)
Losing Our Parental Will (May, 2014)
Value of Our Efforts (April, 2014)
Playing the Parenting Odds (November, 2013)
Weeding Through the Decisions of Youth (October, 2013)
When to Control – When to Let Go (August, 2013)
America the Beautiful: Reconsidering the American Dream (July, 2013)
Cultivating Our Future: Are We Reaping What We Are Sowing? (Entire series) (May, 2013)
1. Part I: Cultivating Our Future – Changing Times
2. Part II: Cultivating Our Future – A Privileged Life
3. Part III: Cultivating Our Future – Where Have All the Good Workers Gone?
4. Part IV: Cultivating Our Future – What Really Matters?
Extremes of the Mind: Addressing Perfectionistic and Intrusive Thoughts
1. Part I: The Pursuit of Perfection (October, 2016)
2. Part II: Just Don’t Think About It (October, 2016) 
So the Tree Said – The Lost Art of Play (September, 2012)
How Our Youth’s Concept of Privacy is Changing; Why We As Parents Shouldn’t Accept It (April, 2016)
Psychiatric Drugs
Risperdal for a 2-year-old? Turning the Tide, One Interaction at a Time (March, 2014)
UnSettling In for the Long Haul: The Interplay of Complacency Stagnation and Psychiatric Drugs (March, 2014)
Having It All Without Having It All (November, 2012)
Sexuality Uncovered (Entire series) (November, 2016)
1. Part I: Understanding What We Know
2. Part II: Striving Towards Best Practice
3. Part III: Hey Guys, You are Much More Than What They Say
4. Part IV: Calling All Teen Girls: Please Don’t Settle for the Guys/reveal]

There’s More to Sleep Than Shuts the Eye (Entire series) (February, 2015)
1. Part I: Waking Up to All that Sleep Does
2. Part II: The ABC’s of ZZZ’s
3. Part III: Putting to Bed Specific Sleep Problems
Reconsidering Youth Sports: What Happens When the Lights Go Off? (January, 2015)
Spousal/Partner Issues
I Do. It’s a Girl. What’s Next for Us? (September, 2014)
Partner Bill of Rights (July, 2014)
Striving for the Ideal – In Others (June, 2013)
Mental Health Stigma: More than Just a Matter of Diagnosis (Entire series) (March, 2016)
1. Part I: The Delicate Topic of Stigma, Labeling, and the Search for the Common Good
2. Part II: Perceived Public and Personal Stigma
3. Part III: The Critical Nature of Authenticity in Virtue in Combatting Stigma
Volunteering/Benefits of Helping Others
Giving And Receiving All At Once – The Cycle of Volunteering (December, 2012)
Young Adult Issues
31 Going on 13 (April, 2016)