Parenting with purpose, not by the trends…using technology wisely, not immersively… living simply and beautifully, without unnecessary complications…pursuing health and happiness in a holy way.

I believe that we are all in constant search for deeper meaning and purpose in our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.  Meaning that will sustain and drive us through times of greatest joy and deepest despair.  I believe that each of us has been given the very gifts which will unveil the pathway of this dramatic journey called life.  Welcome to our site focused on understanding and embracing the keys to this journey for ourselves, our families, and our communities.  As a husband, father of seven, through my writing and speaking, in my endurance athletic endeavors, as a pediatric psychologist, and just a fellow human being, I, too, am on on this search.  I hope you’ll join me and pursue the Wholiness that awaits.

The piece Foundation and  Framework symbolizes two ideas that are critical to our world.  First, it represents the love of all people towards another, regardless of creed, culture, country, circumstance, or any personal factor that may be used to drive division among us.  As all beings created by God, we are asked to bear our crosses, and unite through our struggles in the love of neighbor as self.  Second, this symbol represents the love of a man and a woman intertwined with Jesus Christ through his death and resurrection on the cross.  The world depends on this love for its future and happiness. For both meanings, the inner domains represent the foundations of our lives, while the outer domains represent activities of the heart, mind and soul necessary to live as God intends.