Wholiness: The Unified Pursuit of Health, Harmony, Happiness, and Heaven




Very often we find ourselves struggling and disconnected from the person who we are called to be. We go looking for solutions in different places, only to find that sustained progress and growth does not seem to come. Meanwhile, as our lives seem more compartmentalized and arranged, we slowly begin to slip away from the holistic existence that all of us desire. We seek happiness in circumstances that don’t endure, and settle for superficiality that does little more than get us through our day. But deep inside of us, a yearning remains—one that desires to deeply embrace our physical, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions in raw form as one being. And right through the heart of it runs this curious story of Christianity, as radical now as it was two thousand years ago. Although encounters with this yearning may be brief and uncertain, denying its presence only leaves us further confused. So we settle for less, and linger unfulfilled. Wholiness is a book dedicated to a deeper understanding of this reality. Through restless seeking, it strives to bring together collective wisdom and authentic experiences in a way that engages the reader in the questions of, “Just who are we?” and “Where do we want to go?”

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