There are days when the worry seems to dominate me      
When I cannot see outside my head
My eyes reflect in those I know well
Although so much is left unsaid

I do not wish to fear the fear that seeps inside
Nor do I desire for the anxiety to take hold
But, as one perseveration seems to improve
Another one begins to unfold

Alas, I receive your grace
And your clarity rings through
I sense that with my worry
I am given an opportunity to do

For although the straight path seems more safe
And the unknown has much to fear
I sense that you are urging me
To come much more near

To the purpose you are asking of me
To the image you created long ago
To the journey that lies in store
Of that of which I do not know

So here I stand at this moment now
If this be the case, I truly implore
That instead of only seeing what may go wrong
Let me see the possibilities in store

Let worry not immobilize my soul
Or freeze me where I am
But let it spur my body to act
And my mind to create again

If all else fails, though
And the shadows begin to close in
I ask that you push me forward
Through the walls that lie within

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