Easterseals Rehabilitation Center to Provide Emergency Psychological Care for Pandemic

Dear Tri-State Community,

To say that we have entered unprecedented times is to say that springtime is on its way.  Even for those I have spoken with who were born during the Great Depression, all agree that there is a degree of uncertainty and fear that exists that is new to everyone.  In the midst of times like these, it is critical that we not only work to preserve our physical health and well-being, but that we also pay particular attention to our psychological state of being.  For starters, despite all the guidelines and mandates that have been put forth, there remains many daily options to keep ourselves healthy in all fronts.  For those interested in learning about these opportunities, please check out my article Want to Be Drug Free?  It’s Time to Live More Simply on my website at www.james-schroeder.com

Sometimes, though, even with the best of intentions and efforts, we may still experience anxiety, depression, or other symptoms that need professional help.  And that’s okay.  Just as we would never question ourselves or others for seeking out help for a medical condition, so we shouldn’t feel ashamed to seek out psychological care.  This becomes particular salient during a time like this, when it is normal to either experience new psychological symptoms or a worsening of an existing mental health condition. 

Given this, just as any good community response to the pandemic should involve means to keep ourselves physically safe, so it should also involve a response to keep us psychologically safe.  Thus, we at the Department of Psychology & Wellness at Easterseals Rehabilitation Center are working to partner with other agencies and professionals to provide emergency psychological care for children and families in our community who need it the most.  In doing so, we will adhere to all CDC guidelines and governmental mandates to keep you and our providers as safe and healthy as possible.

If you or your kids need immediate psychological care, please call us at 812-437-2633.  Don’t let financial considerations be a barrier.  Most insurance will pay for our services and for those that don’t, Easterseals will continue to honor its mission of providing for financial assistance as much as possible.  Afraid of coming onsite or don’t want to talk to someone online?  Don’t let this be a barrier.  Organizational and governing bodies have moved quickly to make telepsychology possible (and reimbursable), but regardless, we will still provide care either in person or through telepsychology as needed.  Not tech savvy (in a way you worry might prevent telepsychology from working)?  Again, please don’t let your fears prevent you from seeking out much needed assistance for you and your family.  Whatever the barrier, please just call us and we will find a solution.

In the end, there is only one barrier for you and your family in not getting the timely psychological care that is needed.  And that is fear.  There is nothing wrong with feeling anxious or afraid, as a healthy level of fear can help us take necessary steps to preserve and enhance the gifts we have been given.  But consider what Franklin Delano Roosevelt said on a March day 87 years ago, in the heart of the Great Depression, when 48 of the 50 states had closed their banks:

So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.

Together, we will persevere and grow stronger during these difficult days.  But only if we move beyond our unnecessary fear to take the steps to advance forward into a place of greater well-being and peace of mind.


Jim Schroeder, Ph.D., HSPP

Vice President, Department of Psychology & Wellness

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